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I Want To Pleasure You

by Danwants

This is my first submission. And I hope you enjoy it... I'm sure I will.

male voice oral romantic

Our Morning After

by Danwants

I never thought I would have this. Married, happily, to the most beautiful girl in the world. Who loves everything about me just as I do her. But, you know, life surprises you. So now I'm here in bed, staring at you with not a small amount of wonder as the morning light filters through the window and over to where we lay. We've just had the best night of our lives, and right now, I'm starting to think this could be the best morning too. I want to make love to you again, in new ways we haven't tried before. Hell, we've already gotten married; what's another new adventure to add to the list? Would you let me have this, love?

3d audio male voice morning romantic