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A friendly exchange of favor$

by DareonAudio

Your boss wants to help you with your financial situation, but he can't make it official. Maybe you can work something out... A friendly exchange of favors.

Our Vibease experience

by DareonAudio

I'll be the one controlling your Vibease. Just relax, follow my instructions, and let me make you feel good.

I'm taking his place

by DareonAudio

He told me you had this fantasy, that you wanted to be with another man. Well, he decided to share you with me, so tonight you're all mine.

Know What Happens To Naughty Girls?

by DareonAudio

You've been teasing me all day... But now that I'm back home, it's time for you to pay for what you did...

Focus on Your Pleasure

by DareonAudio

It's been a long day? Don't worry love, just close your eyes and let me take care of you. I will help you release all that tension.

My Turn to Please You

by DareonAudio

You've been giving me so much attention... Now is my time to give you what you deserve.

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