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Just the Two of Us

by Dr Impervious

Good evening, come in and get yourself comfortable. I have a few exhilarating scenarios on offer for you today which may take me a moment to explain. How often have you thought about having fun with another woman only to have that fantasy shot down as the reality of the situation bares its ugly head? Wouldn't it be wonderful if that other woman was simply another version of you? There would be no tricky relationships to juggle and there would be no confusion as to how to get the other woman off, although I suspect that would never be a problem for someone like you. Your replica would be willing to give and receive everything that you have always wanted. Or how often have you fantasized about finding a mate a few good men only to be left considering the impossible task of actually finding a handful of men who really knew how to satisfy you like the man you love? Wouldn't it be ideal just to mate several versions or exact replicas of him? Your man and his twin mating you from both ends and sharing your body in a passionate embrace.

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The Initial Encounter

by Dr Impervious

Good evening, I'm happy that we've finally found the time and setting for our mutual meeting of the mind and body. Tell me, are you excited to have me here with you?

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Head For You

by Dr Impervious

Well, here we are again. I am more than excited to know that you are as keen as I to explore these audio experiments. This whole piece will be dedicated to the massaging of just one area of your body, and I'm sure that you already have a fair idea of what part of your body that will be.

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Watching Me

by Dr Impervious

He invites you to watch him give you bliss. He wants you to watch him turn you on as he lets both of you have a really great time.

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