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Thanksgiving Dinner Delay

by Ginger Segreti

I awoke early to get started on dinner. My husband loved to distract me and I wasn't going to fall for it today. The whole family was coming for an early supper. Grasping the handle I opened the oven, the warm steam bursting over my face. My nostrils filled with the scent of Thanksgiving. Waves of heat licked my arms and wafted down my torso as I peered at the thermometer. Everything looked good. I grabbed the baster, sucked up juices pooling in the bottom of the pan, and shot it out over the turkey. The bird glistened. I shut the oven door, satisfied.

My Muse

by Ginger Segreti

I sat spellbound as I listened to him read. The words he spoke reached a depth of me that I hadn’t felt ignited in a long time. I watched as his gaze alternated between peering out across the audience and sporadically descending to his notes. He would pause and then charge forward, his voice stretching from his lips and enveloping the space in a soft entreaty. It was as if his breath warmed me and compelled me towards him. His look was clean and polished, the only hint of ruggedness the stubble from a five o’clock shadow.

Abstract Canvas

by Ginger Segreti

My newest crush has a hobby. He’s just starting photography classes and I’ve volunteered to be his model. This week’s homework, portraits. I arrive at his studio and knock. “It’s open,” he calls. I wander in, excited and a bit nervous.

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The Fall

by Ginger Segreti

The air is brisk and the sun is shining. You and your boyfriend are helping your folks with a little autumn clean up. Your parents are out running errands and the two of you are playing in the leaves….

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The Specter

by Ginger Segreti

Violet’s alone, headed down a deserted alley. Footsteps echo. The shadows seem to shift and move. The wind picks up. A delicious sense of dread descends upon her as the breeze billows around her and gently embraces her.

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by Ginger Segreti

I glance at the time and will the seconds to go by. He’ll be home soon. My love. I can’t wait. Excitement flutters through me... Hearts pounding...

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