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Bad Wife Deserves A Good Spanking

by NicolaDiaz

A Naughty Wife Welcomes the Spanking Punishment She Deserves! James is shocked as he walks in on his faithful wife, eagerly watching a video of her with her ex-boyfriend. But it's not just any video... James concludes his wife deserves the ultimate lesson in domestic discipline. A spanking harsher than that witnessed on the video, as his hands rain their parade of pain on her rear, dwarfing her experience with her ex. .

female voice spanking

Cheating for Firsts

by NicolaDiaz

What do you do when you get bored with the routine...

On Loan

by NicolaDiaz

Letting your bestie's boyfriend to....

Poker Poke Her

by NicolaDiaz

A little gamble on her, Written by Nicola Diaz. Narrated by Veronica Harder.

A Secretary's Punishment

by NicolaDiaz

Stephanie couldn't resist pushing her strict boss’s button. Surely Mr Carter couldn't reprimand me, the young secretary falsely assumed. But when push comes to shove and the inexperienced intern takes it one step too far, she finds herself hauled into her superior’s office. The prospect of discipline bores the unfazed secretary, but when she learns Mr Carter has his own unique form of punishment……... … involving her bent over his knee, while she presents her bare bottom for his brutish hands. She can’t help but push him over edge……

erotic fiction female voice third-person narrative

A Week with Her

by NicolaDiaz

A bratty student’s bare bottom welcomes her Professor’s unforgiving paddle!