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The Rub Down

by SomeAussieGuy

A movie star gets a personal massage.

male voice massage roleplay

The Hotel

by SomeAussieGuy

I've never seen you before, and the anticipation is killing me. I don't know what's going to happen in this little plan of ours, but I have my hopes. I've thought about it so much that I've got so many scenarios running through my head. Seeing you in person, though, doesn't compare to any of those fantasies I've had about you. The moment we saw each other I knew we made the right choice. We kiss, without preamble, pouring out our passion and need that had been pent up over the past few months...

first time male voice oral rough

Visiting France

by SomeAussieGuy

You're in France. So many thousand miles away from where I live. And I miss you. So damn much, apparently, that I took the nearest plane to Paris. I can't wait to see you, to see that look on your face when you realise I'm there with you again. I can't wait to touch you, to kiss you, to feel you again after going so long without having you around. I imagined it would be so good, that we'd kiss and touch each other with so much need that we'll never let go for a long while. But the actual experience of it is so much better than what I thought it would be. I should visit France more often.

male voice romance

A Dinner Date

by SomeAussieGuy

It's been a while since we've taken the chance to unwind and just be with each other. Work and life in general has been one hectic mess after another, and it's starting to get to us. So that's why I'm booking us a dinner reservation. I want to spend tonight with you, and just enjoy your company like I always want to do. The happy expression on your face as we sit across each other is irreplaceable. But things quickly turn from being just a dinner date to something else as you look at me with naked desire in your eyes. And damn, I really cannot resist that...

couple date in action male voice

Cuddling in the Dark

by SomeAussieGuy

You've just broken up with your boyfriend, and I can see how distraught you are over the recent turn of events. You loved him, but things ended badly between you two. As a good friend, I just lay beside you in bed and comfort you. I hug you as we lay there in the dark, with you trying to stifle your sobs, but I tell you to let it out, that I'm here for you, and eventually you calm down. Your sobs dwindle down to little sniffles, until you think you're feeling a little better and you turn to say thank you. But then our eyes suddenly meet, and we're so damn close. We can't help but reach out to each other in the heat of the moment, and kiss...

erotic fiction male voice romance