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by Stranger with a Mic

A few people on Reddit asked me to do a RambleFap. I love the idea, but hate the word! For those of you who aren't aware, it's basically an improvised/off the cuff audio. It's more than just moans because I talk, but there is no plan, script, or specific fantasy in mind. I find it to be very intimate and I hope you do, too.

male masturbation male voice

The Coffee Shop

by Stranger with a Mic

We return to the place where we had our first date, a nice little coffee shop. The nostalgia gets to us and we decide to have a little fun. The script was written by /u/midnightlemons on Reddit.

date male voice


by Stranger with a Mic

You, a shy, innocent, untouched woman are looking through a mystical book in a library and you accidentally, or maybe not accidentally at all, summon an Incubus. Will you give in to the pleasure? This script was written by u/SennaSaysHi for GWA on Reddit.

This Audio Is For You

by Stranger with a Mic

This audio, written by u/OriginalChris7 on Reddit, is a soft and relaxing instructional audio. Sit back, relax, and enjoy.

male voice masturbation

Reassurance: I Love You, and I Love That You’re Mine

by Stranger with a Mic

This gentle script, originally written by /u/-anonymissy on Reddit, is designed to remind you of how incredibly beautiful you are.