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Just a Quickie

by Surfer Rod

This is just a quick session. I came home from work, started working myself, and figured i'd let you in on a quick session of mine. By far not my best work, and very raw and unpolished, but it's something for those still loyal. Doing as fast as he could quickly.

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Home for the Holidays

by Surfer Rod

It's the holidays, and we come home to visit my family. It's a rather huge affair, with lots of people flocking around the house. Which means we never do get any privacy. And being with each other but never actually getting to touch intimately is making me frustrated as hell. So that night, I sneak into your room. I know it's my family's house, but everyone is asleep. It's only me and you in this dark room, and nobody will be able to hear if we try and keep quiet. I need you so much, and this past days has been nothing but cruel to me, seeing you but not being able to touch. I want you so badly, and I'm sure you want me too.

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One New Voicemail

by Surfer Rod

I'm on a business trip, and it's been a while since I've seen you. I miss you so much, and I know you feel the same way. Which is why I have a little surprise for you. Check your voice mail, because I left a message for you. And not just any other message, telling you where I went for the day and what I had for dinner. I recorded something that would tell you, in explicit detail, every little thing that I would do to you if I were there beside you in bed. Go on, check your phone right now. I'm sure you'll love what I made for you.

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Lazy Sunday

by Surfer Rod

Work is exhausting as always, so I come home dead tired and wanting sleep. I crawl into bed next to you, and it's lights out for me after that. Your warmth is a welcome respite from the cold, harrowing reality of life, and it lulls me to a safe, comfortable rest. When I wake up, it's still next to you, staring at your beautiful face as you slumber on. I can't help but want you right there, as you are, in our bed. So I kiss you, touch you, caress you until you wake up wanting me too. What a good morning this is turning out to be.

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Date Night

by Surfer Rod

I'd planned this night especially for you. To show you how much I love you. How much I care. And I'm just so glad that everything seems to be working out as I'd thought. You look like you're having the time of your life. We come home after a wonderful night out, and we've got eyes for no one else but each other. I've been thinking about this all night, how it would feel to take you back to the house and take you there, to hear you whisper platitudes. That would be such a spectacular end to this date night. Would you like that, too?

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