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by Veronica Harder

Threesome polyamorous fun!

Jerry and Jenna

by Veronica Harder

Written by Jenna Nips Narrated by Veronica Harder Yoga buddies become more...

Tight Confines

by Veronica Harder

Written by Jenna Nips Narrated by Veronica Harder Tight spaces make for creative play!

Lucia Gets Spanked

by Veronica Harder

Written by Jenna Nips Narrated by Veronica Harder A Spanking Good Time!

female voice schoolgirl spanking

Jerry's Ride

by Veronica Harder

Written By Jenna Nips Narrated by Veronica Harder A wild ride and a good time...

A gift

by Veronica Harder

The door opens and I step through. The door is swinging shut and I am kissed. It is you. A hand, yours, reaches up and rests in my hair, pulling me into you. A hand, mine, finds the small of your back and presses you against me. There is a dancing of tongues. Our free hands meet -- yours guides mine to rest on your hip, then joins your other on the back of my neck.

Aspirational Hook

by Veronica Harder

You stand in the middle of the room. You wear only stockings, a garter belt, and a bra. Your hair is up in a bun. Your wrists are bound together and a rope runs from them to a hook in the ceiling. I pull it taut, forcing you up on your toes, and tie it off.

female voice in action male dominant second-person narrative


by Veronica Harder

We enter the room and shut the door. Without speaking, without waiting, I turn to you and press your back to the wall, my hand around your throat, my lips against your lips. I pull back and meet your eyes; you know better than to speak, so you just look at me, eager, desiring. I turn your head to the side and cover your mouth with my hand, putting my cheek next to yours so you can feel my breath on your skin as I move my lips downward, exploring the side of your neck.


by Veronica Harder

Her room is dark, and she is not in it. It is awaiting her return. A shaky key finds its place in the lock and the door swings inward. Her hand searches along the wall for the light switch. The darkness moves and engulfs her, pulling her into the room, shutting the door behind her. Before she can scream, a hand closes over her mouth. She knows this hand. She has learned much, both from its strikes and from its caresses. She has felt its touch before. But never like this.