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Message 3: Come for ME!

by frommrv

What is it? You are here because of it. It makes you read these words. You may not understand it. Maybe you don't even know what it is. But you can definitely feel it. What is it? It's an instinct. This instinct awakens when it senses that something very important is about to come. And it will do everything to get you there...

A Sensual Journey, Message 2: On the Edge...

by frommrv

I will make you do filthy things to yourself and watch as you follow my orders. I will take you to the edge where pleasure and tension is violently intense and painful to hold inside. I will make you scream like no one have ever made you. But the thing you don't know is how it's going to end... Maybe I will leave you like that to watch as you struggle and suffer. To make you cry and beg for more. So you crave it more than to take another breath. Maybe I will watch as your muscles begin to tighten, your whole body shakes, and you lose yourself in the most overwhelming and breathtaking release in the world. But the thing that you should really wonder about is... will you last 'till the end? There is one thing you can be sure - I won't make it easy.

Hypnosis: Hands Free Session

by frommrv

Hypnosis is a way to experience hands free fun... but more than, that it's a door to the whole new world of pleasure. My name is Mr V. I use my sexy and masculine voice to guide you through this orgasmic experience. When you are under my influence you are also under my protection and only good and pleasurable things can happen. You are here because you want to be hypnotized. You want to be hypnotized by me. And you want me to give you pleasure. If you do exactly what I tell you - I’m gonna give you rewards that, even in your wildest imagination, you couldn't dream of. Hypnosis is pleasure. And you are in the right place and time to experience and learn this. All you have to do is to obey, surrender, and follow my hypnotic voice. Put on your headphones and let's see how much pleasure can you stand... Find out more at:

A Sensual Journey, Message 1: I Want You

by frommrv

My name is Mr V and I’m a fantasy designer. What it actually means is that I use my deep voice, my masculine energy, and a few secret ingredients to create wonderful sensations, arousing feelings, and breathtaking experiences... I’m going to take you on a journey into your natural femininity, and great fire that is buried deep inside of you. It’s a journey into the world of the most sensual fantasies. Where every one of them is like a piece of art, designed with the purpose of giving you ecstasy and leading you to the point where you lose yourself in bliss. I am your guide and your master. I take you to places you have never been before. And you... all you have to do is to be a good girl who always does everything I say... who always follows my commands. Download my first message and start our journey. Whenever you are ready, just put on your headphones, close your eyes, and follow my voice... Find out more at:

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