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Squirt For Me (ASMR)

by gaelforce

I love when you're lost in your passion and you just can't hold back. It makes me excited just thinking about it. Let it flow, I want it all.

asmr rough

Rough and Sweet (ASMR)

by gaelforce

You like it rough don't you my darling? Sweet words in your ear? I know you do... We do it so good

asmr in action male voice rough

Striptease 3D

by gaelforce

You like me in a suit, bet you'd like me better out of it. Now you're getting your very own slow and sensual striptease!

Dirty Cop

by gaelforce

You've been pulled over for driving way over the speed limit and you'll do anything to get out of it. ANYTHING! Even when you're handcuffed in the backseat of the cop car. This night isn't going to be so boring after all.

Just Listen

by gaelforce

The ins and outs of male pleasure

Bad Santa

by gaelforce

Naughty or nice? I decide to surprise you!

The Vanity Chair

by gaelforce

I can still smell you on me, your scent, your perfume... You're so amazing; so graceful and sexy. And I watch you in your vanity chair, getting ready and I want you again!

A Black Tie Affair

by gaelforce

If no one was here....

male voice seduction sex in car

Lovers by the Fire

by gaelforce

Two lovers share a passionate kiss by the fire

Be My Lover

by gaelforce

Slow and sensual.... hmmm... just the way I like it.