Hot Ride

by voiceofrockstar

A girl gives me a ride I will never forget.

A friendly exchange of favor$

by DareonAudio

Your boss wants to help you with your financial situation, but he can't make it official. Maybe you can work something out... A friendly exchange of favors.

Is This How You Like It, Baby?

by JayMasters

I get so hard thinking about you listening to me. Listen to me stroke my hard, wet cock for you. Listen to my need for you grow and grow as I stroke more and more. Can you hear how badly I need you? Can you? I fucking love cumming for you, baby. I love it. If you like what you hear, you can also find me here: Patreon: Twitter (@JMasters45): Tumblr (@Jaymasters45): Instagram: @jaymasters45audio Quinn:

A Stranger on An Island

by GigoloGreg

I met you on holiday on a tiny island in the Maldives in the Indian Ocean. The sound of the waves is magic. The breeze is cooling, but you are still very warm, lying on your back, looking up at the canopy of palm leaves. You let your knees fall wide apart, letting the cooling air blow under your dress. Let's get the fun going...