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Our Little Secret (Extended)

by British Filth

This is our space. It belongs to us. It’s where we can let loose and play dirty. Nobody knows and the judgements of others are absent here. Come and indulge in your safe place. Discover more at

imagination male voice masturbation teasing

Just My Voice

by British Filth

Occasionally, some people request that I record a straightforward session, no talking, no narrative. Well, here are several minutes of just that. Plus some lubrication, of course. Discover more at


by British Filth

You’ve been a naughty girl. Discover more at

Stewardess and the Passenger

by eroticast

As the plane levels off at cruising altitude there is still pressure on this plane and I’m not talking about the cabin. A sexy female narrator details her blow by blow encounter with a passenger in the airplane bathroom. She keeps trying to say she has to work but her attraction to this passenger takes over.

female voice mile high club roleplay taboo

The Library

by British Filth

You’ve been toying with me for weeks. I’ve seen you visiting the central library in various states of undress from my desk. Each time I’ve sat there silently hoping you’ll ask for my assistance, but instead, you’ve teased me with promiscuous outfits and suggestive glances. Finally, you’ve requested help to find one of a special aisle. This is my chance. Heart pounding, I jump at the opportunity to approach you. Unbeknown to you, my frustrations need to be vented and it won’t take much for you to push me over the edge… Well, if you need anything, your friendly librarian is here to help you out with whatever you need. Discover more at

male voice public romance

Movie Night

by MorningHardwood

It's getting cold and I agreed to watch a movie with you.

A Misdirection of Affection - Chapter 1

by nageren

Now a married mother, Odessi was recalling her special kind of love story between her and Ian, check out how they first met with each others during high school and how their relationship evolved along the way.

audio-drama multi-chapter romance

Apartment #18

by lusciouslexy

A girl can dream, right? Fantasizing the man on the 18th floor...

erotic fiction female voice first-person narrative

Is This How You Like It, Baby?

by JayMasters

I get excited thinking about you listening to me. Listen to my need for you to grow and grow as I am getting more and more excited. Can you hear how badly I need you? Can you? Baby. I love you. If you like what you hear, you can also find me here: Patreon: Twitter (@JMasters45): Tumblr (@Jaymasters45): Instagram: @jaymasters45audio Quinn:

first-second pov in action male voice seduction

Hot for Teacher

by lusciouslexy

Dreamed of that young, handsome teacher.

female voice taboo teacher