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I Want This

by The Grey Knight

Sometimes I just want to taste you on my tongue, more than anything.

Sexy Body Feels

by inmyhands

Love making in its subtle fury. And we love it.

Humping Sounds

by inmyhands

What you'll hear when we FUCK

Hands from Behind

by inmyhands

Feeling every part of you with my hands....from behind

Kitten Cums

by inmyhands all for YOU Slurp


by Zen Mackie

Marcia, thinking she's about to be fired, attempts to embezzle company funds, but...

Summer Cleaning

by The Grey Knight

Sometimes chores make you want to work up more of a sweat...

Good Little Monster

by The Grey Knight

You really want to wear that? Daddy has some ideas to make your costume more presentable

First Morning

by The Grey Knight

The first day of married life... in bed... with the Knight


by The Grey Knight

An unexpected tropical storm where things get wet, hot and heavy