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After Work Hours

by AudioPlug

“A glass of tequila for me too, just the way you made it for the beautiful lady”, we got talking from there, and the conversation just glided naturally.

Me Time

by inmyhands

Joining you in some Me and You time

Bedtime Story for My Pet #2: Spread Your Cheeks for Me, Pet

by Zen Mackie

This is the second audio created for a pet of mine who lived far away. Again, it's an interactive fantasy meant to allow the listener to imagine touching and being touched, and being told what to do and say. This set of instructions involves anal-play, among other things, so you might want to have some lubrication and an appropriate dildo or equivalent nearby.

You and I Finally Meet

by JayMasters

No longer capable of denying our mutual desire, you and I agree to meet. We pick a city, decide on a hotel and reserve adjoining rooms, and then choose a bar for our first meeting . . . This is a special audio for me. It is by far my longest and most detailed audio. It is my attempt to imagine what it would be like to meet up with you. I took my time with this audio because I wanted to do justice to this fantasy. I wanted to give you everything I have. I want you to lie back and listen to my voice and pretend that it is you and me in this audio. I hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making it for you.

Mutual Office Masturbation

by JayMasters

You catch me jerking off in my office while fantasizing about you. And you decide to join in the fun.

fantasy male voice mutual masturbation

I Have To Cum

by JayMasters

This is the very first time I recorded myself cumming with my ASMR mic. I hope you enjoy listening. I certainly enjoyed recording it for you. :)

male masturbation moans

How I Stroke My Cock

by JayMasters

Have you ever listened to me and wanted to know exactly what I'm doing to my cock while I'm playing for you? If so, this audio is for you. Listen to me tell you exactly what I'm doing while I do it for you. I made this audio for you because I love stroking for you. I love knowing that you're out there listening to me. As always, I enjoy hearing from you. Let me know what you think. :) -Jay

male masturbation male voice

Shhh, Baby

by JayMasters

Listen and feel the intensity of my desire for you.

male masturbation moans

Cumming Up Inside You

by JayMasters

Listen to my desire for you grow and grow as I stroke my cock harder and faster and begin to imagine cumming up inside you.

male voice masturbation moans stroking

Guided Masturbation 2

by JayMasters

Lie back and follow my instructions . . . There's nothing I enjoy more than bringing you to orgasm. I love knowing that the sound of my voice and the sounds of me stroking my cock can bring you to ecstasy. So please get comfortable, get naked, lie down, and listen to me tell you exactly how to get yourself off.

guided masturbation male voice