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Daddy TIes you up and flips you over

by Silent4papa

Ever had your hands tied behind your back , your sexy ass sticking up in the air and your face against the mattress? Let Daddy Show you ;)

cunnilingus fingering male voice

Morning Time BFE

by Silent4papa

Waking up next to you. I do love our mornings

cunnilingus male voice

Pet Play

by Silent4papa

Like being daddy's kitten? Let's see if this collar fits ;)

collar kitten male voice pet

The professor

by Silent4papa

Naughty little college fantasy

male voice taboo teacher student


by Silent4papa

Erotic and soothing asmrs

asmr car ride

An Erotic Journey, Message 2: On the Edge...

by frommrv

I will make you do filthy things to yourself and watch as you follow my orders. I will take you to the edge of orgasm where pleasure and sexual tension is violently intense and painful to hold inside. I will make you horny like no one have ever made you. But the thing you don't know is how it's going to end... Maybe I will leave you like that to watch as you struggle and suffer. To make you cry and beg for an orgasm. So you crave it more than to take another breath. Maybe I will order you to come and watch as your muscles begin to tighten, your whole body shakes, and you lose yourself in the most overwhelming and breathtaking release in the world. But the thing that you should really wonder about is... will you last 'till the end? There is one thing you can be sure - I won't make it easy.

Watch Me Baby, This Is What's Waiting For You At Home

by Kiara

A video call from your girlfriend goes in a direction that you where not expecting, but very much enjoy.


by The Grey Knight

I will push harder than you are prepared for, babygirl

I Want This

by The Grey Knight

Sometimes I just want to taste you on my tongue, more than anything.

Sexy Body Feels

by inmyhands

Love making in its subtle fury. And we love it.