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Touch Yourself For Me, Sexy

by Ginger St. Clair

This audio is an instructional session for women. Do play along!

female voice lesbian masturbation oral

Our Little Secret (Extended)

by British Filth

This is our space. It belongs to us. It’s where we can let loose and play dirty. Nobody knows and the judgements of others are absent here. Come and indulge in your safe place. Discover more at

Bi Curious

by Panthera_Amur

Hello I'm here to tell you a very, very sexy story. I know all about the little fantasies that have been running around in your mind... and I would love for you to come explore them with me, find out exactly what it's like to play with another woman...

bicurious female voice lesbian

Focus, Kitten

by inmyhands

Leading you through what you want and lust for. Listen and... Focus, my kitten.

Just My Voice

by British Filth

Occasionally, some people request that I record a straightforward session, no talking, no narrative. Well, here are several minutes of just that. Plus some lubrication, of course. Discover more at

Im Home Baby Girl

by Silent4papa

I'm home baby, Have you been good like I asked ?

daddy male voice

Good Morning

by MirageAudio360

Mornings have never been as good as this.

male voice morning

Nothing But A Gentleman

by MorningHardwood

I'm going to treat you right. I know how to act as well as I know how to make you want me and desperate for whatever suits me to give you. Support me on Ko-fi. Click the cup and donate - Find me on Twitter @JerInTheBox1 Custom audios available or just send me a message

It's About Time

by MorningHardwood

Get over here and sit on my lap.......

Fireman J Comes to your Rescue

by An English Gentleman

Your cat gets stuck in a hedge so you dial for the emergency services. Fireman J comes to the rescue, more ways than one.