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Good Girl

by British Filth

All good girls deserve a fitting reward. And I'm going to give it to you, darling. I'm going to let you have fun like you've never before, going to let you take your pleasure just the way you like it. My beautiful, good girl. Come here and let me show you just how much I love to give good girls their reward. Discover more at

male voice masturbation seduction

Little Joi ? For her ?

by Silent4papa

need some help ?

Our Little Secret (Extended)

by British Filth

This is our space. It belongs to us. It’s where we can let loose and play dirty. Nobody knows and the judgements of others are absent here. Come and indulge in your safe place. Discover more at

Touch Yourself For Me, Sexy

by Ginger St. Clair

This audio is an instructional session for women. Do play along!

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Fingering you ramble

by Silent4papa

Me just playing with you

I Don't Have To Ask

by MorningHardwood

The morning's really nice sometimes. During the night when you're sleeping I guess your imagination just goes wild and I probably influence you just a bit. I don't know but isn't it equally nice when you wake up and stretch? Come out to the living room. Just find me. Reading a book; Sipping on my coffee; You know that I like quiet and coffee, right? Tell Daddy what you want. I'm not asking. **SUPPORT ME ON KO-FI - ** Twitter - @JerInTheBox1 Commission me for your own private audio -

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First Date

by Silent4papa

the first date

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Please, Teach Me How To Pleasure You!

by doubledimpledoll

Script by u/Kinky_N_Shy. Synopsis: A normally dominant man shyly asks his futa girlfriend to teach him how to pleasure her orally. The sudden thrill of being on the giving end of their sexual activities has stirred up a rush of dominant urges in her, and she becomes more and more aggressive as she teaches him how to put that mouth of his to work. Enjoy responsibly, have fun and stay safe everyone! I love you, Doll. Copyright © 2021 DoubleDimpleDoll. All rights reserved. All characters portrayed are 18 years of age or older and all content is fantasy and roleplay, not intended to encourage or depict real sexual acts. All erotic audio found here is property of DoubleDimpleDoll. Not for resale or redistribution.

female voice

A Misdirection of Affection - Chapter 2

by nageren

An excited first date between Odessi and Ian had finally arrived. Will she manage to bring the relationship between to the next level? Odessi had everything planned out, but something happened...

audio-drama multi-chapter romance

A Stranger on a Train

by GigoloGreg

You are going by train from the South West of England to Manchester, sitting several seats from a middle-aged businessman, wearing a suit... Have a glass of champagne, your face and neck become a little flushed and you feel a little giddy. May I be personal? I ask...

erotic fiction first-person narrative male voice stranger