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Im Home Baby Girl

by Silent4papa

I'm home baby, Have you been good like I asked ?

daddy male voice

Touch Yourself For Me, Sexy

by Ginger St. Clair

This audio is an instructional session for women. Do play along!

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I'll Talk You Through It

by MorningHardwood

Everyone needs a little 'guidance' sometimes.

Our Little Secret (Extended)

by British Filth

This is our space. It belongs to us. It’s where we can let loose and play dirty. Nobody knows and the judgements of others are absent here. Come and indulge in your safe place. Discover more at

Just My Voice

by British Filth

Occasionally, some people request that I record a straightforward session, no talking, no narrative. Well, here are several minutes of just that. Plus some lubrication, of course. Discover more at

Come and Have Fun With Me

by Panthera_Amur

(Female Voice) Hello my beautiful girl - is it playtime? Of course it is. Find some space, lie back, switch on and let me take you and your toy to a toe curling fun.

erotic f4f female voice lesbian

Good Little Girl

by Silent4papa

I love that you are so obedient and eager for daddy,.

daddy male voice

Come For Me - Three Word Challenge

by An English Gentleman

Let me whisper those three magic words 'Come For Me' and I'll make you do just that in my naughty English accent

Just Listen

by gaelforce

The ins and outs of male pleasure

Focus, Kitten

by inmyhands

Leading you through what you want and lust for. Listen and... Focus, my kitten.