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Touch Yourself For Me, Sexy

by Ginger St. Clair

This audio is an instructional session for women. Do play along!

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Come and Have Fun With Me

by Panthera_Amur

(Female Voice) Hello my beautiful girl - is it playtime? Of course it is. Find some space, lie back, switch on and let me take you and your toy to a toe curling fun.

female voice lesbian masturbation teasing

Bi Curious

by Panthera_Amur

Hello I'm here to tell you a very, very sexy story. I know all about the little fantasies that have been running around in your mind... and I would love for you to come explore them with me, find out exactly what it's like to play with another woman...

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Bluebeard's Wife Ch. 01

by Selena Kitt

She discovers her husband has been keeping secrets.

erotic fiction female voice first-person narrative masturbation multi-chapter

The Storm

by Grace's Grove Audio

We head into the woods for a girls camping weekend, and things get wildly sexy during a thunderstorm.

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Beautiful Stranger

by Grace's Grove Audio

Instant chemistry with a beautiful stranger on the subway leads to a risqué encounter.

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Tow of Love

by kenndelbridge

Tow of Love

female voice in action stranger third-person narrative

Apartment #18

by lusciouslexy

A girl can dream, right? Fantasizing the man on the 18th floor...

erotic fiction female voice first-person narrative

BDSM Chronicles

by James McKitrick

BDSM - Bondage and Discipline, Dominance and Submission, Sadism and Masochism. Kim never thought that she would end up in a Dom/Sub relationship, and especially never imagined that she would like it. But she is, and she does. Join her as she and Jake experiment with this new aspect of their relationship, where she is bound, gagged, blindfolded, and spanked...

bdsm female voice in action third-person narrative

This Is A Library. Please Be Quiet

by doubledimpledoll

The script was written by u/Forest_Firefly Synopsis: You just donated a lot of books to the city library. As you're completing the deal, the librarian wants to thank you very personally. Will you be able to stay quiet, or will you eventually get her to scream? Enjoy responsibly, have fun and stay safe everyone! I love you, Doll. Copyright © 2020 DoubleDimpleDoll. All rights reserved. All characters portrayed are 18 years of age or older and all content is fantasy and roleplay, not intended to encourage or depict real sexual acts. All erotic audio found here is property of DoubleDimpleDoll. Not for resale or redistribution.

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