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A Welcome Distraction

by MorningHardwood

Everything you need is right here. Don't stop what you're doing. But *I* will do my best to make you cum. I love you. If *YOU* love me, consider supporting me here - Join me on Twitter too - @JerInTheBox1

male voice

Im Home Baby Girl

by Silent4papa

I'm home baby, Have you been good like I asked ?

daddy male voice

Talk with the Baby Sitter Part 2

by Silent4papa

You've really got to be quiet , MY wife and your parents are just on the other side of that wall .

babysitter cunnilingus male voice taboo

Talk With The Baby Sitter Part 1

by Silent4papa

Let me get my drunk wife to bed , then I will pay you and get you home . Is that ok ?

babysitter male voice older man

Disobediance is Not Tolerated

by Silent4papa

Seems like baby girl needs a little punishment

cunnilingus male voice spank

Another Night With Daddy

by Silent4papa

Just a usual night.... With Daddy ;)

cunnilingus daddy male voice

Good Little Girl

by Silent4papa

I love that you are so obedient and eager for daddy,.

daddy male voice

Ties Up and Flip Over

by Silent4papa

Ever had your hands tied behind your back and your face against the mattress? Let Daddy Show you ;)

cunnilingus fingering male voice

Morning Time BFE

by Silent4papa

Waking up next to you. I do love our mornings

cunnilingus male voice

Pet Play

by Silent4papa

Like being daddy's kitten? Let's see if this collar fits ;)

collar kitten male voice pet