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Abstract Canvas

by Ginger Segreti

My newest crush has a hobby. He’s just starting photography classes and I’ve volunteered to be his model. This week’s homework, portraits. I arrive at his studio and knock. “It’s open,” he calls. I wander in, excited and a bit nervous.

female voice romance

Make Love To Me

by Jedimindtrik

After a long weekend apart and a lot of teasing...

blowjob male voice romance

Shoulder Devil

by gaelforce

In this audio I don't moan (well not too loudly!) There are no sound effects, its essentially a tease because I love to tease you ;) I am going to be that voice in your ear...that voice that tempts you and makes you feel sexy I am going to be your Shoulder Devil * * * * *

male voice romance teasing

The Perfect Ending To An Evening

by gaelforce

This is the perfect ending to an evening, watching you touch yourself for me...

male voice masturbation romance

You're a Wicked Woman

by Dylan_T

A wicked woman tempts him from the shower to the bed. Who knew she would disrobe and splay out on the bed. Such a tease. Barely towelled off with damp hair, he's ready to pounce on his prey.

male voice romance shower

Merry Christmas, Baby!

by gaelforce

Relax and unwind its Christmas time!

male voice passionate romance stockings

Cold Snap

by The Grey Knight

Even though we've just spend time together yesterday but I've been thinking about you all morning long. Today I woke up with this instant desire for you...

male voice masturbation romance

I Want To Pleasure You

by Danwants

This is my first submission. And I hope you enjoy it... I'm sure I will.

male voice oral romance

The Playlist

by MirageAudio360

We share with each other our most favorite songs. Songs that make us dance, sing, nod along to the beat, or even smile as we savor the beautiful lyricism. It's been an ongoing thing, something we always like to do since we like each other's tastes in music. It's almost always guaranteed that we'd listen to whatever band or singer the other suggests. Somehow, though, things go beyond a casual exchange of interests. Our mutual love for music translates into something more, and what better way to relay my affection than a playlist of all the songs that remind me of you?

male voice roleplay romance

Do You Want Me?

by MirageAudio360

I know how much you love hearing my voice. You listen to me every day-- on your way to school, to work, to whatever commitments you have that day. Acting for all the world like I'm not whispering dirty words in your ear. Maybe you even take me grocery shopping, or to the library, doing whatever mundane things you do on a daily basis. Just listening to my voice, telling you what I would do to you if you were right here beside me. Tell me-- do you want me? What would you do if I was there, with you? If I were touching you instead of a voice? Tell me all your fantasies, your dirty little secrets... And maybe I could make that happen for you.

male voice romance