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LIve ASMR stream Part 1 of 8 (Erotica)

by Silent4papa


In A Nutshell........ I started doing live streams, almost like a masturbation podcast. It is A ramble essentially. I am actively playing as I stream, I do react to the crowd and the comments best I can so. Sometimes there were quite a few comments rolling through and it made it a ton of fun! so I figured I would share them. Just Incase anyone had time to kill ;) I really would like to get back to doing these. Full Stream is 4 Hours 20 minutes roughly and really kinda just wander down a long fap road. you should come to see what happened :) I broke them down into parts as was well. *I did not do any additional editing to the parts if they are a bit jumpy. I just tried to separate them at silent spots. * Hope you enjoy :)


Feel the touch. This erotic audio vibrates in sync with the Vibease vibrator.

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I do Erotic and Soothing ASMR's. Ranging anywhere from DDLG, Light BDSM, Vanilla, CNC, and whatever mood I find myself in ;)

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