Night Caller: Fourth Visit

Author: Essemoh Teepee
Released: Jul 30, 2019
18:18 5 ~ 500
This is becoming a habit: it is getting so that you want to go to bed earlier and earlier, just so it will be sooner to the next time. You want it to be soon...

It no longer feels like there is a phone between you. When you hear that voice in your ear, everything just...fades into the reality of him, beside you, in your bed. When he says 'Make a little room in your bed for me', you scoot over without even thinking.

You don't want to think about it, to question the how, or the why? It just is. You measure time now as 'with him' and 'not with him'. It is getting to be dangerous. You don't think you could refuse him...anything.
British Filth
Feel-Good Filth Essemoh Teepee
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