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Vibease, a comfortable, wearable vibrator. We allow women to slip it inside their undergarment whenever they want. The tip is specially designed to make it easy for women to locate the sweet spot while ensuring the vibrator remains steadily in place.
We use discreet packaging and the transaction appears on your credit card bill will only be shown as "VPL".
Reviews (5)

Review: Vibease

Reviewed by MISS J
"Mr. B found himself alone at home and so we decided to put the toy into action. On first use we decided I'd chose an erotic fantasy audio book from the in app library. I was ready to let my imagination do the work (as well as Mr. B changing the speed of the toy!)"

I must say this was something I hadn’t experienced before and was a little hesitant at first, but overall I found it great fun!"

Vibease Unboxing & Review

Reviewed by Hayley Quinn

Should You Buy This Long Distance Vibrator?

Reviewed by Jennifer Craig
"I slipped the Vibease on in the morning, and it was so comfortable, that I actually did forget I was wearing it for a while in the morning. Around midday, my husband and I started to exchange some naughty texts. My Vibease was connected to the app, so I knew he could start controlling it whenever he wanted to.

Here’s my final verdict in my Vibease review: 8/10. I think there always room for improvement, but this is a pretty great example of all the things that long distance vibrators do right."

My Review of the Vibease

Reviewed by Taladrea's Tumbles
"Vibease truly does come with all the bells and whistles of a luxury model.

The awesome thing about the chat is that you can text, set scenes as well as send those naughty sexts you may want to do. Its all on a private server and the best part is with pictures they do not save to your phone at all. While the hubby had control of the BoB he had total control of what happened with the vibrations. It was easy to control according to him."


"The top of the Vibease now sits at my vaginal opening. It curves with my body and becomes nestled between my labia. The vibrations now stimulate more of my vulva and clitoris, meaning it's more pleasurable.

For a little added bonus, going out to dinner while wearing the Vibease, in a very crowded restaurant with a romantic partner that has total control of the vibe, ends with a pleasantly full belly, soaking wet underwear and passionate, kinky sex."
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We are a promising team running a hardware + software startup. Vibease is the result of our studies and surveys on female orgasm, couples sexual intimacy and what women want. We believe the world will be a better place when women can have orgasms as much as men do!

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If you have any inquiries on our product, let us know: info@vibease.com.