[US ONLY] Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant

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Our partner product - Good Clean Love Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant is a water-based lube made with aloe vera and infused with a touch of lemon and vanilla, giving it a light organic flavor. This organic Good Clean Love personal lubricant is designed for the most sensitive skin types. Almost Naked Personal Lubricant is formulated to provide a long-lasting glide without irritating chemical additives and sticky cleanup. Respect the most sensitive tissues in your body with organic ingredients and enhance your love life naturally.

Key Features

  • Made with aloe vera and agar (seaweed), provides a smooth, long-lasting glide that can be reactivated during use with just a few drops of water, or perhaps a wet kiss!
  • 100% vegan, petrochemical-free, glycerin-free & paraben-free.
  • Made with 95% organic ingredients, Oregon Tilth Certified Organic.
  • Almost Naked Organic Personal Lubricant responds to your own internal moisture and dries without any sticky cleanups.
  • Almost Naked Lubricant available in 4-oz.
  • The natural flavors used give this product a light scent and flavor.
  • Compatible and safe to use with latex, polyisoprene, and polyurethane condoms.
  • Safe to use with silicone toys. Especially Vibease and Esthesia!
*Please note that this product only available for United States.
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April 19, 2020


by Kerry - Verified Purchase

I use Good Clean Love samples when I do pelvic floor exams in my physical therapy practice and do not have to worry about sensitivities the patient might have. I also send a sample home with each patient and let them know where they can purchase it locally. My patients love knowing they are getting a product that is locally made. And I love recommending Good Clean Love products!

February 08, 2020


by Celine - Verified Purchase

I was always afraid of using any type of lube with my partner. I'd heard of chemical rashes and other unruly things happening and dryness. When I heard about Good Clean Love I immediately wanted to try it and it was the best decision! I love it! And so does my partner! It smells great, tastes great, and doesn't leave dryness or any kind of rash. It's an amazing product and I'm so happy that I came across it!

November 17, 2019


by Andrew - Verified Purchase

This lube is amazing! My partner and I use it exclusively now. She used to complain about irritation after sex when we used other lubes but she says this one gives her none AND it feels better. I like it because it doesn’t leave behind any residue and it smells pretty good too, and a very natural smell at that. Another plus is that it actually tastes good! Pretty incredible. Both of us can perform oral sex without any unpleasant tastes like the ones you get with other lubes. In short, this lube is amazing and everyone should use it!
PS It’s vegan and cruelty-free. Perfection in a tube.

May 05, 2019


by Shauna Vidueira - Verified Purchase

Almost Naked is the perfect name for this! This unscented lubricant is so light you cant tell its there, it just makes things smoother! I like that it doesn’t linger and leave too much moisture in your nether regions. It also does not leave a sticky feeling after use like some others. There is no scent whatsoever, and doesn’t irritate my sensitive skin. I am happy with this and have even purchased more! Love it!

November 21, 2018


by Debra - Verified Purchase

Your lubricant has been a lifesaver for many of my patients---the best lubricant ever! Thank you Good Clean Love! I'm relieved that there has not been one patient who had been "allergic" to it!

March 15, 2018


by Brandi - Verified Purchase

We have really appreciated having the sample sizes to use for internal exams and to give out to our postpartum clients who are in a naturally drier state due to breastfeeding. Its great to offer our clients a natural product we feel good about!

November 02, 2017


by LC - Verified Purchase

Great product! I'm 67 and my friend is 74. This stuff is incredibly smooth and lasts as long as we do (and we've been going on for years!)

October 29, 2016


by Krista - Verified Purchase

I was looking for a fertility friendly lubricant and came across this one. I decided to give it a try and LOVED the smell and taste of it. Knowing it was safe, we used it while trying to conceive, and low and behold, I became pregnant during our first go around of trying. We love this lubricant, both for the fact it is organic, but also the simplicity of how it works. Highly recommended.
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