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Intoxicating (Erotica)

by Feel-Good Filth


You're so gorgeous when you submit to me, you do things to me that I just can't describe... So how about I show you *just* how bad I want you? Find more of my content at Support me at


Feel the touch. This erotic audio vibrates in sync with the Vibease vibrator.

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Feel-Good Filth

Hey, there! I make erotic audio content, or "2-person sex dreams" as I like to call them. My audio is Male for Female and ranges from vanilla to BDSM (with a soft-spot for DD/lg), primarily featuring the male in the dominant role, and always focused on female pleasure! I have a great time recording it and sincerely hope it helps my listeners feel good. Enjoy my content knowing I had a great time making it for you! <3 Find more at!

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