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Check Please (Erotica)

by JeremyWasHere


....My cock strains against my jeans, achingly hard and throbbing. I shift in my seat trying to find some more room in there. This is one of them times when I hate being out. I'd much rather be at home. Just when I think I'm on top of it your hand touches my thigh. I feel your fingernail tracing the length of my cock on the inseam of my jeans. My mouth dries again. "Can I get another beer" I croak. I catch your eye again, you smile back. Now I know what you meant. Rubbing my cock through my jeans, the ache is almost too much as I strain against the fabric. Your hand expertly glides down my zipper, I hear the familiar noise above the laughter, I hope no one else does. I gulp as I feel your hand fumble around in my underwear, grabbing hold of my throbbing cock and dragging it out through the zipper. A little cough escapes from me, it is all I can do to stop from groaning. Beer, beer my mouth is so dry, I feel almost weak with anticipation. Your thumb rubs over the head rubbing the drops of pre cum all over. You expertly work your thumb under the ridge of my cock, rubbing over and over teasing the head. I twitch under your touch making my cock jolt about. Please no one talk to me for a minute. Someone does I try my best to give a witty answer, without my voice cracking. You laugh not so much at what I said but what are doing to me. Your hand drops back in my pants grabbing my balls, squeezing them in your palm, god I love that. Your hand goes back to my cock, you grab hold of it, this time like you mean it. Your hand moves up and down my shaft, jerking me off while our friends are chatting away. Your pace is quickening and my hips involuntarily move slightly to match your strokes. I continue to swig my beer temporarily closing my eyes enjoying the moment. You give me squeeze to snap me out of it. My balls are tightening, you slow your pace. "let's not waste that on the floor that's for me later" you whisper in my ear. I swallow hard.....

male voice


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