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Edges (Erotica)

by Veronica Harder


We enter the room and shut the door. Without speaking, without waiting, I turn to you and press your back to the wall, my hand around your throat, my lips against your lips. I pull back and meet your eyes; you know better than to speak, so you just look at me, eager, desiring. I turn your head to the side and cover your mouth with my hand, putting my cheek next to yours so you can feel my breath on your skin as I move my lips downward, exploring the side of your neck.


Feel the touch. This erotic audio vibrates in sync with the Vibease vibrator.

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Veronica Harder

Veronica Harder lives in Orange County/Los Angeles. Veronica has her own home studio where she brings your audio fantasies to life. Veronica Harder has been in the voiceover industry for over 10 years. Veronica Harder specializes in many genres of Erotic and Romantic VO. Veronica Harder has a seductive voice and an adventurous spirit, which helps to bring the characters to life.

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