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Making Love Before Breakfast

by British Filth


I can see the light shining through the windows, marking the start of day. You're still asleep, your breathing slow and deep as your head is resting on my chest after a night of making love. I'm careful not to disturb you, but you're rubbing yourself on my thigh, already aroused from that dirty dream you're having. What a naughty girl you are. Well, why not? I kiss you, let you wrap your hands sleepily around me and stroke, let you slip your mouth me. What a way to wake up, huh? Let's find out what else we can do now that you're awake... Discover more at

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British Filth


I create inclusive, body and sex-positive audios. They range from sweet, romantic experiences to rough, primal fantasies and they all aim to turn you on and leave you feeling good about yourself.

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