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A Comfy Warm Dressing Gown (Erotica)

by BoyFromEngland


Authors Note: Long intro of heavy breathing which dictates theme throughout. Please give at least a minute for dialogue to begin. This is how I feel like early in the morning when I've just woken up. I feel really horny and relaxed and... Just sitting on the recliner at the moment in my dressing gown, I've got nothing on underneath, but when I get up I'm so rock hard for you. I really feel horny. It's like I want to open my dressing gown and just let you sort of wrap yourself around me and then I can close the dressing gown around you so you're all snuggled up nice and warm and you've got my rock hard morning cock against you. Start kissing each other and you can sort of position yourself on top of my cock. I'm sure it would slide into you really easily. It's so rock hard and throbbing in the morning. We can just kiss and cuddle and just get a rhythm going where we're making love early in the morning...

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